Greenwich Best Areas To Live In London

Air Quality In London

If you live in London and close to Greenwich, there’s a good chance that you won’t have to wear a mask. The graph reveals that Greenwich has an “good” average air quality, while the neighbouring areas do not. In fact, the worst place to live in London for bad air is Lewisham where children have been told to stay indoors until the levels are okay again. If you’re planning on moving away from London because of pollution here are 10 of the least polluted cities in the UK and how they compare to London for pollution.

2, South Greenwich Forum ( Traffic and Parking in London. The main thoroughfares in London are choked up with coaches and trucks running between the M25 and M3 motorways. The traffic in central London is constantly heavy as people make their way to work or school. There’s also a lot of cars! As a result, you’d want to avoid driving to Central London as well as parking there. When it comes to the air quality in London, it is quite unbalanced.

This is especially true when you see how many Black Cabs (The London Taxi, as they call it) and delivery vans that pollute our roads, while pollution-free bicycles are hardly used around the city. Indeed, this causes air pollution in metropolis such as London. Greenwich is the gateway of one of London’s best parks, Greenwich Park. This means that there are fewer cars in the area. It also has a great public transportation system which includes buses and access to the DLR (docklands light railway).

The DLR travels up to 15 kilometers per hour and is much faster than walking. Air pollution is something that people in London always complain about. It is one of the reasons why I now live in a more rural area, where the air quality is much better and cleaner. I am able to breathe more easily here, and my neighbours are also nice and friendly. London has to deal with larger volumes than any other city in the world.

This situation is complicated by the fact that the air quality is affected by local weather conditions: if it is cold and windy, the levels of pollution will be higher. The Fan Museum is eye-opening and educational  — with almost 3,000 fans from Spain, China, Japan, Brazil, Russia and the UK. Kids can get hands-on experience by playing around with a variety of them (but don't take them out of the museum!). Museums tend to steer clear of anything that’s moving, but in the case of the Fan Museum, the exhibits are alive and well.

Best London Neighborhoods To Stay

There are numerous reasons why London is the best place to visit and live with so many tourists flocking the city each year. From iconic sights, exciting nightlife and rich art cultures, it is no wonder why the city has been a popular choice for vacationers for years. But despite its popularity, many tourists arrive in the city without having done their research and end up staying at sub-par accommodations where they can barely sleep at night.

This ends up ruining their London experience and if you want to avoid similar situations then you need to look for the best neighborhood in London before making your travel arrangements. Blackheath or Greenwich – where should I stay when I go to London? This is a question many people ask themselves before actually going on holiday in London. I'm writing this blog post as a professional tour guide. As someone who has been taking groups to London for several years now, I've seen and thought a lot about the pros and cons of these 2 villages.

Blackheath and Greenwich are both wonderful places to stay in London – it will entirely depend on your travel plans and tastes. It is a village located in SE London. It is like one of the unique neighborhoods located in the UK, and is famous for its attractiveness and luster. The main point that should be noted about this place, while choosing an area to stay in London, is the affordability and being more charming than any other place that has been developed till now.

If you are looking to plan your holiday with your family in London over the weekends then the best way is to buy a house in London. Since, staying in an apartment can be difficult for your kids or elderly family member. Hence, look my list of London neighborhoods to rent or buy. My friend who came across several London neighborhoods shared that Greenwich is a neighborhood he keeps going back to. It is located in London’s SE10 postal area and has the most spectacular views of river Thames as well.

Best Area To Stay In A London Village

Place of worship is also in plenty, so you can easily visit the localchurch or mosque. And the main reason why you should choose this place to livein London – transport links. The nearest underground station is CuttySark which has two lines, District Line and Jubilee Line. The same place has a railway station too serving Southeastern highspeed services to Kent and Europe. Other than this,there are also numerous bus stops straight from Baynard’sRoad-end where you could get buses to anywhere around theLondon.

Even though you may find quiet a lot of noise as thehouse number 3 London Village already means that it’s close tonearby motorways. There are many areas in London that one can choose from to stay with your family. But when you visit one of the affluent areas like Royal Borough of Greenwich, you realize it has something outstanding to offer you. There are many quiet and secluded green areas and kid-friendly parks. The area is also quite safe making children able to roam around at play freely.

You won’t even need a car to get around as the public transport networks here are of high standard. I live in a townhouse here, and it does feel like a village with its winding streets, pubs, and local shops. It really is the perfect place for anyone who wants to be close to central London but still have access to parks, facilities for kids and a safe community. You really can't go wrong in this area.

Things To Do In London For Kids

Things to do in London for Kids. When we bought our house, we asked the agent very clearly if Greenwich was a good place to live with kids. It is. The answer was yes, but we found out that the reason it is a good place to live with kids is because there are lots of things for kids to do here. Here I will tell you things to do in London for kids in Greenwich.

In fact, my own daughter and son loved their time in Greenwich so much that they begged me to live there. Compared with other boroughs of Central London such as Chelsea or Mayfair etc Greenwich is more laid back and less modern. It is still, however, close to famous tourist sites. I am talking Big Ben, The London Eye, and Buckingham Palace etc. Greenwich is a delightful place to take kids for play and entertainment, especially in summer.

Greenwich Park is the largest one in the borough. It has plenty of grassy lawns, sports pitches, riverside paths, duck ponds and a newly opened adventure playground which will entertain kids for hours. Greenwich is a great place to live and visit. While it has a lot of attractions for adults, there are also many things to do in Greenwich for kids. Here is a list of a few fun activities that you can try out with your child in Greenwich.

Greenwich has a lot to offer for families, especially young children. As if the Cutty Sark in its own right is not enough to keep you occupied, you can easily have a whole day out without doing anything else. The London borough of Greenwich may be one of the smallest in London, but it still has plenty to offer. The whole area boasts rural charm with a cosmopolitan city environment, with plenty of seaside charm thrown in for good measure.

Best Place To Stay In London For Walking

A great way to discover Greenwich is on foot, for example you can walk from the Cutty Sark to the National Maritime Museum. The Cutty Sark was built by Scott and Linton on the River Clyde in 1869 and shipped to London in sections. It was used as a cargo ship until 1900 when it became a training ship with bilge keels that could be raised to reduce its draft and improve maneuverability under sail.

In 1954 the ship was completely restored and opened as a museum by HRH The Queen Mother in 1957. Greenwich Park offers a huge area of green recreational land set in one of the most beautiful and prestigious areas in London. It is located close to the center of London, about three miles southeast of Westminster and close to two Tube stations (Jubilee and Cutty Sark). Offers an outstanding view of Canary Wharf, the O2 stadium, Liverpool Street Station, Tower Bridge and the financial center is also located close by.

Greenwich Park is a great place for walking, cycling and horse riding. This park has an area of 285 hectares. The Greenwich Park has 126 acres of ponds and lakes. These possess a collection of notable buildings like Greenwich Observatory and the National Maritime Museum. It is an ideal place to spend a few days, for those who are eager to enjoy a walk or cycling. If you wish to stay at Greenwich, you have quite a number of good places to choose from including the ones mentioned below.

Best Area To Stay In London For Tourists

Many tourists have no idea how to choose the hotels they’ll be staying at. Tourists are either attracted by the heck of it, or by the promotion being made by one. I can tell you there are numerous factors to consider when choosing a hotel. But if you had to focus on only three, you’d want to consider the location, services and room facilities offered. London is not a small or short destination for tourists; the city stretches for more than 60 kilometers.

You would be spending most of your time by walking from point to point and the chances are you will get tired from dealing with so many things at once. These factors decide if you should stay near any of these areas: Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park,. Greenwich is a district in London located almost on the east side of the Thames river. It is part of the Royal Borough of Greenwich as well as the SE10 postcode district.

Now, Greenwich has a lot to offer to tourists and is considered one of the best places in London for great views, relaxing walks and some historical landmarks too. Greenwich is an area which is located in one of the prime parts of London. It has much to offer to the tourists and residents that visit this place. This article will help you to make a buying decision by comparing it with other areas in London so that you can make the best choice possible and know what options are open for you.

Greenwich is a best area to stay in London for tourists and boasts of a multitude of delights; restaurants, pubs, museums, theaters, riverside walks, parks etc. Plenty of transportation options such as buses, trains, river boat services and river taxis are also available with Canary Wharf being the nearest tube station. Greenwich is a great district heading into London from the south eastern direction. It is easily accessible, not crowded, and an ideal location to spend a few days when in London.

I will be sharing with you more details about what Greenwich has to offer but for now, read on to learn more about this amazing destination. There are so many stunning attractions and landmarks you can visit in London that you will never get bored. River Thames is a jewel in the crown of the capital city of England. It’s a deep blue coloured river, which is one of its most attractive features. You can choose to stay in North Greenwich (the center of the Borough) or the edge of Blackheath.

Best Hotels In London For Tourists Are In Greenwich

Greenwich is one of the best places for tourists and commuters to spend their nights. Greenwich gives you a relaxing getaway from the traffic and noise in London. It is also one of the most visited tourist destinations in London. It offers numerous things to do and see including historic landmarks and museums, art galleries, music concerts, theatre shows, bars and several dining options. Although London has a lot of cheap accommodation around, the location is not really up to the taste of many as they might be in the middle of an industrial area.

And while Greenwich might be one of the most expensive areas in London, it is very good if you are on your vacation and you want to live at one affordable place close to everything that there is to see in this city. You will find a lot of London hotels located in the busy Central district, where traffic is continuous and you will not get any peace. Thinking about a break from the stressful city life? Why not go for some rest and stay over in Greenwich, a town that is located on the south-east of the city, right next to the river Thames.

Greenwich is the place to be if you would like to have a chance to have an enjoyable stay in London. It is located on the north bank of the River Thames. The Greenwich Peninsula hosts some of the most famous tourist attractions. You will find a group of emerging hotels there. But there are ways to get a much-needed night of peaceful rest without having to travel far. One of them is by choosing the best hotels in London for tourists that are not only comfortable but also give you easy access to what you want to see during the day.

London Must Eat Food

Whenever I talk to someone about London, I always emphasize that food is an integral part of my life. The mouth-watering food and drink that exists outside of every corner is why I live here. It’s truest in East London where the world collides with each other, you share the same space with a Magyar (Hungarian) pub next to a Peruvian restaurant next to an organic smoothie shop. My friends from all different countries came here for 24 hours, exploring all the arts and culture London has to offer, but they also made sure to take advantage of the local cuisine, so when you meet them again in their home country, they say London must eat food.

Food is one of the most important parts of London, England. So this article will tell you the places where you should go in order to truly appreciate the authentic cuisine that the city has to offer. Brick Lane is an Asian area featuring food from many different countries. You’ll find many Chinese restaurants, Indian restaurants, and even Thai food here. Shoreditch is known for its hipster vibe that also includes a lot of coffee shops and bars.

Mile End, like Brick Lane, contains an array of cafes and restaurants. Now Stratford is a diverse food destination full of pubs and internationally inspired foods. All of the places I mentioned are in East London. The majority of these places are in the areas of Shoreditch, Brick Lane (primarily), Whitechapel, Mile End, and Stratford. East London has a ton of great restaurants and cafes for all your Asian-food cravings. For £10 £75 per head you can fill yourself full of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malaysian, Filipino, Sri Lankan, Latin American, Southern American (I'm thinking "chips" here), Afro-Caribbean food.

In area of Shoreditch, Brick Lane, and Whitechapel you can find east London's immigrant melting pot at the heart of a lively and thriving local economy. As well as the diversity and the desire to try different foods, cheap rents, relatively low cost of living and high competition among restaurants make it an exceptionally vibrant area when it comes to food. The good news is that, whether you are a tourist or a business traveler, Greenwich offers the best hotels in London for you.

Safer Nightlife

The fact that Greenwich is one of the lower-priced boroughs in London means that it has some affordable hotels. There are several affordable hotels less than a few blocks from the Cutty Sark and the Maritime Museum, including The Greenwich Hotel and the Hotel Indigo (London Greenwich). If night-time entertainment is not your cup of tea, there are several affordable B&Bs in the Greenwich area. Greenwich is one of London's safest areas. Many police patrols are usually in the area on weeknights and you will always see police cars parked along the high street and back alleys.

Greenwich also has a great green space with lots of trees and pathways to walk around, or cycle along the river if you're so inclined. At night though, Greenwich can be a bit imbued with the feel of danger. The small streets and alleys are not well-lit and some abandoned buildings nearby contribute to the eerie feeling you get walking around at midnight. Especially if you’re in a club or pub, you can never tell what might happen to you.

Nightlife in Greenwich is as vibrant as it is traditional. Near to the centre of the area you’ll find a great selection of pubs, bars, and restaurants. This means you can take your pick whether you want an authentic English pub, or just want to dance all night long in a trendy club. From great winter deals to fascinating events, this place will amaze you at any time of the year. Bothof these places are essentially villages within London.

Safe Areas To Live In London

Residents say that the roads around Canary Wharf are relatively safe at night. Thamesmead is an area between Greenwich and Woolwich but can be a bit dodgy. It's a very multicultural community and is generally not dangerous because people mind their own businesses, but when walking around alone, you have to watch your pockets because there are pickpockets and thieves lurking everywhere. This written piece focuses on the safety aspect of living in London. It includes details about different parts of London and how safe they are for residents, taking into account information from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) as well as a little input from experts employed in the various communities.

Just like the rest of London, Greenwich is not completely crime-free. There are parts of Greenwich where you should not go alone in the evening, whether it is day or night. If you have lived in London for a while, you should learn about the crime scenarios by reading the news and scanning online comments. Greenwich is generally a safe area to live in, according to London Metropolitan Police Service statistics. But like any other part of London or anywhere else, you must take precautions at all times.

The roads are safe at night if you do not walk in dark alleys alone. Greenwich has a very large park, which is called Blackheath. This area is safe even at night. The high-rise flats and tower blocks around Blackheath feel intimidating to some people but it is safer at night as there are many people moving around. Areas like Woolwich, Elephant and Castle, Brixton, Tottenham, Hammersmith, etc. are safe areas to live in London but you should not be complacent.

Good Public Transport

My favorite historic town in London is Greenwich. Almost all the attractions in the Greenwich town center are within walking distance from the North Greenwich Tube station so I stayed here for my short trip to London. The tube station is a little outside of the center, but it's very easy to get to with buses that take you directly to attractions like the National Maritime Museum. The people who live or work in the Greenwich town center are lucky to have an Underground station within walking distance.

The Jubilee Line station at North Greenwich connects the town center with Canary Wharf, one of London's major business and financial districts. The bus ride from North Greenwich to the town center is short and convenient. The good public transport always makes me a bit skeptic. I can’t just decide to go some place if its far. Obviously, you can’t really change the location and so it depends on the app or website that you will have to use, so use them properly and make sure that everything is in good order.

The Jubilee station is one of London’s newest stations. It opened in 1999, with the line itself having been extended to Docklands the previous year. Being built so recently it has a lot of up-to date features and is kept in pristine condition. Transport accessibility: The North Greenwich Underground station is a 5-minute walk from the campus, but you can also take bus No. 380 to reach the campus.  The bus stop to get off at is called "Crossrail Place.

Greenwich Water Taxi

What makes Greenwich water taxi the best vehicle to commute from Greenwich to the London city center?       Despite being a small city, London is served by several modes of public transport including Underground, train (the Tube and the Overground), bus, coach, boat and cable car. The most commonly used options are bus and train with both operating throughout the city.       While both forms of transport are cost effective yet time consuming, an ideal alternative for commuters is river transport.

Thames Clippers provides various services that cover National Rail stations at Woolwich Arsenal, Stratford International, North Greenwich Terminal and Canary Wharf. The benefit of using river public transport over the others is;        Greater convenience: No need to change lines or walk from one. The Greenwich Water Taxi is a nice little day out because of a number of different reasons. Firstly, this is boat based to transport individuals directly from one point to another without the hassle of driving your car.

It is also cheap for tourists to have a fun ride with their loved ones in the river and this makes it the most ideal way of travelling with your family or friends. Lastly, the Greenwich Water Taxi gives you the opportunity to see major attractions found in both Canary Wharf and London City Airport. If you are a first-time visitor in London or England, you will find it an amazing experience to stroll around Greenwich Park.

 The Greenwich Water Taxi from the Cutty Sark pier helps you to have a memorable trip and see Canary Wharf & The City of London on the eastern side of Thames River from the hallowed pier. A boat ride from  Greenwich Pier Shop is served by water bus which takes you on a 20-minute journey back to Canary Wharf, The O2 and West India Quays terminal at thrilling speeds of 18. 5 knots. When visiting London, most tourists will make a trip to the Greenwich Peninsula and enjoy a panoramic view of the city's skyline aboard one of two river buses that water taxi company, Thames Clippers, operates.

The vessels are not the only source of travel in the area however, as rail companies also provide services along through Greenwich Station, which also provides direct links to both London Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. Popular Port : London Cruise Terminal. If you like to visit London for short trips, then taking a water taxi from Greenwich is a good idea. The river bus is equipped with restroom facilities and rooms for bikes, it is very convenient to bring your essential items.

Greenwich's Thames River Service is great for visitors in London. It gives you a chance to see fascinating city sights that most tourists miss, together with the modern skyscraper centre of Canary Wharf. ". Londoners like using transport that goes quickly and reliably. You can get to this area if you take the Jubilee line from North Greenwich. You should never travel alone after dark until you know the area well. All that’s missing is a pair of lungs.

Short Journey From Greenwich To London City Airport

Any passengers travelling from Greenwich Peninsula to London City Airport should be aware of a recent review on the Greenwich Council's website. Apparently, five years ago, there was a suggestion to build a multi-million pound facility for taking travellers to the airport direct from Greenwich. However, this appears not yet to have happened and any business traveller must now endure the stress of either the Tube or Docklands Light Railway (DLR) journey. When it comes to traveling from Greenwich to City Airport, the choice is slightly more convenient than you might have previously thought.

There are several options for travelling by public transport in London. With a bit of planning you can reach the airport via local trains or buses.  Taking the train is a quick and simple option if you're familiar with the basic tickets and routes of travel. There is now a convenient and cheap form of public transportation from Greenwich to the London City Airport, which will save you precious time. Bus routes 177 and 189 enable travellers to enjoy the journey from Greenwich Pier through Blackwall Tunnel, Elephant & Castle, Millennium Bridge, across the River Thames using the Southwark Bridge, through Tower Bridge Road en-route to the airport.