Where To Eat And Drink In Greenwich

Where To Eat And Drink In Greenwich

Greenwich is a charming little riverside town just over an hour's train ride from London.  While there are some decent restaurants in and around town, I don't think there is a great pubs to eat out in (or certainly none of the ones I mention below).  So this post focuses on the best places to eat and drink in Greenwich which can be found scattered throughout the town.  All of these are within walking distance from each other.

Where to Eat and Drink in Greenwich, London  To claim its spot as capital of British food, London is in the middle of a raging battle with other contenders such as Manchester, South Greenwich Forum (southgreenwichforum.co.uk). As one of the most recent additions to the culinary scene, Greenwich has been making a name for itself by adding flair and distinction to all the other cities in and around London. Read on for some mouth-watering gastronomical pleasures. Where to eat and drink in Greenwich.

The Best Places For Lunch In Greenwich

Another amazing place to get a pie is The Ship. The place itself is a little store in Trafalgar street, but they have an upstairs room which is perfect for a light lunch. Theyre known for their pies here, and also do great meat and potato platters with lashings of red ketchup. They also do ice cream and milkshakes too, should you desire something sweet! It’s an ideal place if youre after a proper traditional pie or veg/vegan ones too.

Some of my fondest memories are from lunch breaks spent overlooking the River Thames with some mates, looking out for ships and trying to spot Big Ben. Whether youre in Greenwich on holiday or working locally, where do you eat lunch? Everyone has their favourites but we really want to know where you love to go as well. But Goddards isnt the only place to get a great lunch in Greenwich. So as a public service weve created this Google map showing you some of the best places for lunch in the area, including Goddards.

The Best Restaurants In Greenwich

The pub food in Greenwich is great but so is the restaurant.  Rivington Grill, inside the Picturehouse Cinema on Greenwich High Road has been taking the top slot as the best restaurants in Greenwich since it opened a few years ago by a no-name chef called Tom Berry. He received his training at The Fat Duck under Heston Blumenthal before moving on to work for Alan Yau in London and Sydney (top chefs for those of you who don’t know).

In 2009 he opened this place on movie land in Greenwich with great success, and was soon taken over by high profile restaurateur Richard Knight (who also owns Chotto Matte in Soho and has worked for Gordon Ramsey at Aubergine). When we first went to Rivington, my friend and I were pretty excited as we had heard a lot of great things about it. Our excitement grew more through happy hour, where we treated ourselves to some “smashes” (or mojitos), in which the mint leaves were placed inside a tiny cup and smashed with a pestle for maximum flavour infusion into the rum.

They only do one per person and cost £6, but they’re so worth it! I’ve since tried their normal mojitos which are just as brilliant fresh mint&lime muddled with sugar and authentic Cuban rum over ice served with a splash of soda. Both were perfect for when you fancy something a bit different-. Rivington offers multiple menus, the standard high-quality pub food, a set menu for early evening and an early bird menu. The food is all fresh and the pizzas especially come out of the oven just right.

They have a daily specials card, offering some nice small dishes for only £5 including pork belly on idiazabal toast with beetroot & chicory salad or a slow cooked egg served on sourdough bread buttermilk coated with smoked paprika and sea salt, which was delicious to start. The restaurant offers a sharing menu which changes daily, with a few constants (the Rivington burger and some mains). There are fresh oysters from Cornwall, charcuterie and cheese boards, a daily juices, cocktails and wine menu and smoked fish dishes.

The food is seasonal but the fish is as always heavily influenced by the west coast of Ireland. The best restaurants in Greenwich. Rivington Grill, located in the Greenwich Picturehouse building, offers service and surroundings as slick as its Shoreditch counterpart. Downstairs is relaxed with a large sweeping counter, bar snacks and offers for kids eating free, while upstairs is more of a dining room. What makes a good restaurant? Great ingredients, friendly staff and a menu that covers more than one page.

The Rivington Grill ticks all these boxes while adding a sense of sophistication. With a stunning location, gloriously comfortable sofas and the best pub quiz in the Greenwich. Well check it out and compare Greenwich to a few other areas. Goddards has been doing pies since 1890 and is most definitely worth a visit if youre in the area; the classic pie and mash is still their signature dish and wont disappoint. Though keep in mind that they do get busy, so be sure to book a table.

Fancy Restaurants And Fine Dining In Greenwich

Stevie P came to London in 1999 and, after an early stint at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, opened up his first restaurant, the Dundee Arms. For a while he was on the rise, opening several more restaurants including the ​Rose Villa Taverna in Islington which held a one star Michelin rating for a year. More recently he opened Craft near the O2 Arena. Although this was not as high profile as the previous restaurants it has been extremely successful; there have been no negative reviews and sales of Stevie’s Italian food grow at 27% each year.

As is often the case with entrepreneurs though, Stevie decided that he would like to branch out from restaurants into other businesses. If you'd asked me a year ago if I fancied paying over £30 for dinner, Id have said yes because that's just the kind of person I am, but I'd probably also have struggled to think of where Id like to go. Back then, the concept of restaurants charging this much was alien to me and so I never really thought about it.

Now, however if you were to invite me somewhere and mentioned Craft by name, I would immediately say yes( as long as you didn't think Id been invited as your plus 1). Stevie Parle opened Craft to the public in 2014, with the aim of making it a destination for anyone looking for great food and drink. Located under The O2 Tower on the banks of the Thames, it is an incredible space that serves as a showroom for all of Tom Dixons best lighting designs (which he also hand makes in the East End) as well as the gorgeous coffee machine ranges from his company.

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