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Living In Greenwich

Greenwich has long been a location of royal importance. The borough and the surrounding area have been settled for thousands of years, beginning in the Bronze Age (c 2000 BC) and even before that. Significant remains are found around Blackheath and Woolwich Common. There is also evidence of a substantial Roman presence, including one site which suggests a significant Roman building was located in the area. Several parishes were established before the Norman conquest to administer the new settlement, including St Alfege (later Greenwich) which contains the Greenwich foot tunnel.

", South Greenwich Forum ( Another large section is East Greenwich which, as the name suggests, is to the east of Greenwich and is relatively flat. It has a mixture of housing that ranges from 1200 year old timber framed black-and-white houses on tree lined streets, to modern townhouses built between the wars and even some 1970s housing. The area has a wide array of pubs, historic buildings and lively public areas. So why Greenwich? Greenwich is the centre of one of the most distinctive and historical areas in all of London.

Located just a few miles from Trafalgar Square, Greenwich has been able to avoid some of the commercialisation that blighted many other parts of the capital. Greenwich, sometimes referred to as Greenwich Village, is located at the heart of the Royal Borough. Greenwich village is traditionally known as a centre for learning and has had many famous students who have studied there at one time or another. Greenwich is the most prosperous and highest income area of the borough.

It has some of the most expensive streets in all of London and was home to around 30% of the heads of companies registered at Companies House in 2009. Greenwich is the best place to live in South-East London. My hometown of Greenwich has the best of both worlds, with the cultural heritage of a small market town and all the excitement of London on your doorstep. This is an article about the transition of the meridian line from Greenwich to the International Meridian in Washington and includes some interesting video material.

Prices And Rents In Greenwich

It is white-collar workers who are buying houses in Greenwich.  Most of the homes owned by these are detached properties and semi-detached. They come with four or five bedrooms, three bathrooms and two reception rooms. The average price paid to such homes in Greenwich is not less than 917,093 pounds, while the average rent they fetch is 5,104 pounds a year. There are other types of properties too that could be bought in Greenwich. With the average price for a house in Greenwich standing at 688,861 and the rental value being 1,749 pcm, if you buy a property in Greenwich and rent it out, your rental will make up approximately 7.

8% of the property’s value each year on average. Having said that, these are just averages. Each property is unique and their values may vary wildly over time. It’s possible to do much better with smart investment decisions. Getting on the property ladder has been a big problem for a generation, but any home in Greenwich should give you some valuable equity. But what about your average rental price? According to the Land Registry, the average house price in Greenwich is 949,000.

This is reasonable in such an exclusive and expensive area like London. The average price of a property in Greenwich is 589,418, which puts it in the top 30% of values nationwide. While the road to London certainly is not always easy, this place has all the tools for people interested in living and working there: it’s not very far from the city and you have fast train connections available. Greenwich is situated in south east of London, UK.

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